We help ambitious organisations and their operators to establish the right mindset, workflow and environment for innovation.

Venture Minds is an Innovation Strategy and consulting collective, experienced in the art of lean innovation and rapid experimentation.

If you are looking to grow your company with new (digital) business initiatives to, but are not sure about the right steps to get things off the ground, you should talk to us.

Disclaimer: We are not your average innovation consultants that will plainly implement your ideas. Our methods are battle tested, direct, honest, creative, holistic and sometimes a pain in the ass.

But hey, "If there is no struggle there is no progress".

What we do ↓


We teach in-house workshops and training sessions to level up the innovation mindset and skills of your teams.

The process and mindset needed for innovationSetting up experiments that enable data-driven decision makingThe Tools & Skills needed to do soLean Product Development & Business Growth

Management Coaching

We help company management in creating a transparent, autonomous and communicative environment.

Turning strategic themes into a purpose driven innovation portfolio.Structuring an environment that enables innovationSetting up Transition & Innovation teamsEmbracing continuous learning & leading by example

Custom Consultancy

We provide long-term and hands-on guidance in setting up and co-managing your company's Innovation Portfolio.

Researching and defining your Innovation StrategyProcess Definition & Team recruitmentActionable team coachingPeriodic portfolio evaluation

Portfolio Audit

We offer in-depth assessments for companies who've already started to explore new business initiatives and want to evaluate their efforts.

Objective and actionable outside perspective We focus on exploration, process, business models, value proposition and growth effortsCritical reccomendations for optimization and quick wins that move the needle

We are not your average consultants

Kees van Nunen

Experienced startup and corporate innovation coach who has helped accelerate 300+ teams in the past 8 years. Aways positively critical and never dull.

Bram Kanstein

Entrepreneurial startup expert who's seen 1000's of startups and has worked with 40+ companies on the development, launch and growth of new initiatives.

We'd love to hear about your goals, challenges and ambitions to see if we can add value for you and your company.